Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keep Your Air Conditioning System Running This Season

Save money on repairs and replacements by getting regular Summer and Winter maintenance. We service all types of air conditioning systems and include full maintenance reports.

Your air conditioning system may be one of the most valuable purchases you make for your home. It’s not only important to get the right heating and cooling system to suit your needs, but it is just as important to service and maintain your air conditioning system regularly. Air Everywhere can undertake maintenance and repairs on all evaporative coolers, split systems, reverse cycle units, ducted refrigerated units and ducted heating. Both commercial and domestic heating and cooling units can be repaired and maintained.

Maintenance means your system runs more efficiently, reducing your power bill and keeping your air conditioner providing more cool air and giving it a longer life cycle and crucially fewer air conditioning repairs and emergency call outs.

If you have an air conditioning system with a SEER rating of less than 8, it may be worthwhile to consider replacing it with a more energy efficient system. You should be able to recoup the cost in just a few years.

Air Everywhere can help you save money – we specialise in sales, service and installation of air conditioning units and we also provide Adelaide and South Australia with preventative maintenance and fast breakdown service!

Ensure the perfect climate for your home or business this season.


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